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Hello there – we’re glad you’ve found us. And we hope you stopped by for a reason – Maybe it was it to check out our large variety of concrete services, see some of the previous work we’ve done or maybe you’re deciding which concrete provider is right for you? Well let us help, and let’s get started!

Well we are your one stop shop for all things concrete, asphalt, and stone – really – take a look around our website at all the services we provide. But not only provide, we excel. This is our passion and our family business, and even more so – we’re here to make your vision a reality.

You may be wondering – how’d we get into the concrete business, and that’s an easy answer with a story that’s close to my heart. I got started in the construction business from my family – and specifically my grandfather. You see, he was a bricklayer back in the day and I knew from early on that I loved being around and involved with the detail oriented planning and equipment. At a young age – I had a passion for the design, organization and dirty work that all goes into making the end product beautiful and unique to each and every client. At first, I started just doing the work on the side. But then it was an easy decision – because I knew it was the right, and the best decision to make it a full-time career. And lucky for me, a very good and long-time friend of mine had the same passion and wanted to join in the fun. So long story short we decided to open up a construction company together, C & C Contracting, LLC, and now let’s fast forward to where we are today – providing our proud services to the greater Kansas City area, having a wonderful time doing it, and really just making your construction dreams a reality.

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